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est.1864 Noir Bar venue photo showing the dining room and bar
est.1864 - Vintage Ornament

est.1864 restaurant in Bozeman is an homage to the trailblazers, roughnecks, vigilantes & natives that dared conquer these lands.

The “Valley of Flowers,” known to and discovered by Native Americans, was officially recognized as a United States city in 1864 and named after one of its “founders,” John Bozeman. This is our tribute to the dark, unforgiving & valiant history of the true Wild West.

The 1864 font of our logo is the handwriting of William Alderson. He wrote the original document signing Bozeman into official jurisdiction of the United States, solidifying his spot as one of Bozeman’s founders.
Alderson ran Bozeman’s premier newspaper, the Avant Courier, for 30 years, and built Bozeman’s first frame structure, the United Methodist Church, still standing today on South Willson Avenue.


The red color in the number 4 of our logo represents the old historical red light district that we are located in between North Bozeman and North Rouse Avenues.

Directly behind us is the historically recognized two story brothel built in 1891 by Nelson Story Sr. and ran by Miss Kitty Warren.

est.1864 - Vintage Ornament

On Social

est.1864 - Vintage Ornament

Opening Hours

Monday to Wednesday

4 pm – 10 pm

Thursday to Saturday

4 pm – 2 am


4 pm – 10 pm

Dinner Menu

Every Day 

4 pm – 10 pm

Late Night Menu

Thursday to Saturday

10 pm – 2 am

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